Personal Settings

To customize your Bambu profile, access the Personal Settings page from the nameplate menu in the lower-left corner of the platform.


The Personal Settings page has multiple tabs you can toggle between at the top of the page.


From here, you can change your avatar and display name in the application, as well as connect and manage your social profiles.

Read more about connecting social profiles in Bambu.

You can also optionally toggle which types of emails you'd like to receive from Bambu.

Note: If an Admin has disabled the ability for users to toggle emails on or off, you will not see this option.


The Leaderboard allows you to compare your sharing activity with other team members. This tab will only appear if it has been enabled by an Admin.

Read more about the Leaderboard.


The Stats section allows you to track your sharing performance by any selected date range. Track your Total Shares and Total Engagements at the top of the page, and the individual story breakdown as you scroll down.


Click on any story to expand its individual stats. You can view:

  • Shares - The number of times you shared it to each network from Bambu.
  • Potential Reach - This is calculated by looking at the number of followers you had when you published this story from Bambu.
  • Engagements - The number of engagements across each network.

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