Connecting Social Profiles

Bambu helps your company amplify its message by utilizing some of its greatest advocates: its employees! To do that effectively, users in Bambu should connect their social profiles to the platform.

Luckily, connecting profiles is pretty easy. This article will quickly walk you through how to do it.

Users can easily connect social profiles by navigating to Personal Settings by clicking on their nameplate in the lower left corner of the platform.


Bambu currently supports users connecting one of each of the following profiles:

  • Twitter profile
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook Personal page
  • Instagram Business Profile
  • LinkedIn personal profile

Authentication will vary slightly from network to network, so users should follow the prompts presented by each of the networks. Once authorized, employees can share stories with a single click.

Note: Only the user who connected the profile to Bambu will be able to share stories to that profile.

In the next article, we'll dive into inviting additional users into the platform.

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