Getting Started with Bambu

An effective rollout requires a well-designed plan. This guide will walk you through getting started with Bambu.

Identify a Deployment Team

Designate key stakeholders to introduce and administer Bambu. Multiple team members drive successful deployments. Responsibilities can be static (full deployment) or evolving (phased deployment), depending on the scale of the rollout.


Establish Content Routines

Content is the most critical factor for the success of an advocacy program. Identifying trusted, relevant content sources is necessary in order to encourage sharing. Bambu believes “the more, the merrier” when it comes to content volume and variety, but below you'll find a few places to start.

  • Press Mentions
  • Insights (Blogs, White Papers)
  • Events
  • Industry News
  • Job Posts

Curating as many Stories as possible in Bambu creates a great first impression for advocates.

Compile an Advocate Roster

Regardless of deployment, compile a list of advocates to read and share stories. As invitations are typically extended via email, be sure to document email addresses and determine in-app permissions.


Craft an Intro Message

Prior to inviting participants into Bambu, craft an introduction message that articulates the purpose and value of your advocacy efforts. Ensure participants know an invitation is on its way. Understanding the program solidifies the reputation of the organization and professional expertise maximizes registration.

Below, you'll find sample messages. It's recommended that these are distributed by organizational influencers such as C-Level Executives, Directors, etc.

Sample Message - Employee Advocacy / Social Ambassador


Sample Message - Social Selling


Set the Email Digest

Bambu’s greatest call to action is the automated digest that can be issued on a recurring basis. This digest is specific to each advocate based on their Topics interest and Story sharing history.

To set up a digest, navigate Company Settings > Send Email Digests > Set Date and Time > Toggle On.


Invite Participants

After the introductory message has been sent and Stories have been added to Bambu, you are ready to issue invitations and launch your advocacy program.

Read more about inviting and managing users here.

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