Inviting & Managing Users

The backbone to an effective employee advocacy program is, of course, employees! Bambu makes it simple to invite everyone into the platform, and manage their roles and teams.

This article will teach you how to invite and manage users.

Inviting Users

Admins can invite users into Bambu by clicking their profile picture in the lower-left corner and clicking Company Settings.


Then, on the following screen, click the Invite users button in the upper-right corner of the screen.


The invite users modal will appear. Enter one or more email addresses into the Email Addresses field, or, optionally, click Import CSV for instructions on how to invite users via CSV file.


Choose the user's role by selecting in the dropdown menu. The following role types are available:

  • Reader
    A Reader is someone who can access the Stories feed, share to their social networks and leverage the Suggestions feature to submit links to a Manager or Admin for complete Story curation.
  • Contributor
    A Contributor has all Reader access as well as the ability to curate Contributions and submit them to a Manager or Admin for approval.
  • Manager
    A Manager can add Stories inside Bambu as well as make approvals for other roles.
  • Admin
    An Admin can add new users, curate Stories to share, approve Suggestions and edit anything under Company Settings.
  • Owner
    An Owner can access billing information for the account and has all the same permissions as an Admin.

Additionally, you can add users to one or more Teams. Clicking in the Teams field will show a list of existing teams.

Tip: Start typing the name of a team in the field to narrow your search down and quickly select the correct team.

You can also add an optional message to the body of the invite email your new team members receive. Type your message in the Add Message field.

Once you're finished, click Invite to send the invite out.

Invite Links

Another method for quickly inviting users into Bambu is by generating an invite link. These are temporary links you can send to anyone. Users that click this link will be prompted to finish creating an account in Bambu.

Note: Because anyone can join your Bambu team by clicking an invite link, please be sure to only share it with members of your team.

In the General tab of the Company Settings page, click the Generate invite link button. A link will be generated. You can Copy Invite Link and then share it.


Invite links automatically expire four weeks after they're generated. If you'd like it to expire earlier, you can do so manually by clicking Expire Invite Link.

You can have a maximum of two unique invite links active at any time.

Managing Users

Once users have been invited into the platform, you can manage them from the Users tab in the Company Settings page.


The Users tab makes it simple to see every user in your Bambu account. You can also see which social networks they've connected to Bambu.

The Role column allows to you to quickly change a users role in Bambu. Select the dropdown to change a role. Account Owners can reassign ownership using the Role dropdown.   

Last active gives you insight into when they last logged into Bambu.

If you want to remove a user from your Bambu account, click Screen_Shot_2018-05-31_at_11.08.09_AM.png.

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