The Leaderboard compares your sharing activity with other team members in the Bambu account. You can look back over the previous three months and view the sharing activity of up to 25 users in the Bambu account.

You can access the Leaderboard in the Reports.


By default, the Leaderboard displays stats for All Teams, but you can choose to filter by a specific team by clicking the All teams dropdown menu in the upper-right corner of the Leaderboard page.

Note: The Leaderboard is a feature that must be enabled by an admin in the General tab of the Company Settings page. Posts created via Compose do not count as shares in reporting.

Additionally, Admins can configure the Leaderboard to exclude certain Teams. If a Team is excluded from the Leaderboard:


  • No other users can see those Team members
  • Team members in the excluded Team can't view the Leaderboard

It's important to note that:

  • If a user is in multiple Teams and one of those Teams is excluded from the Leaderboard, then that user is considered excluded. Users are only included in the Leaderboard if none of their Teams are excluded.
  • If an Account Owner is in an excluded Team, they can still see the Leaderboard, but they aren't visible in the Leaderboard to other users.
  • The Team filter on the Leaderboard only shows Teams that haven't been excluded. 

To exclude a particular Team from the Leaderboard, toggle Enable Leaderboard to On and then enter the names of the Teams you want to exclude.

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