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Bambu enables Admins and Managers to source great content directly from employees. This is a great way to put out your feelers for articles you might otherwise overlook, and encourages further Bambu engagement from your employees.

This article will cover both the Suggestions and Contributions features.


Enabling Suggestions allows Readers to suggest content to be curated inside Bambu. Admins can enable or disable Suggestions in Company Settings.

Once enabled, Readers can submit any URL (and include a contextual note for their recommendation) by selecting “Suggest a Story” on the left hand navigation.

After Readers suggest a story, Admins and Managers will be able to see them in the Suggestions page.


Click on a suggested story to read it. Clicking Edit will bring you into the Edit Story page, where you can follow the same steps to curate this story as you would if you were curating it from scratch.

Read more about curating stories.

If you do not want to publish the story, you have the option to Delete the suggestion after clicking on the story.


The Contributor role inside of Bambu can read and share Stories in addition to submitting Stories for Admin approval. If you are a Contributor, follow these steps to submit a story:

  1. Click Add Story from the left panel.
  2. Add the desired content.
  3. Select an Approver.
  4. Make any desired edits to the story or the content.
  5. Click Submit for Approval.

You can view the stories you've submitted from the My Contributions page.

Anything submitted by a Contributor will appear in the Needs Approval tab, accessible by Admins or Managers to approve, edit or reject content. From that page, you can view stories Assigned to You or All Approvals, which shows all contributions awaiting approval.


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