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Users can access content inside Bambu at any time through the website or mobile app, but content can also be delivered a few different ways via email. Delivery methods include a customized Newsletter, weekly Digest or on-demand Broadcast.

This article will explore these three content delivery methods.


Managers and Admins can send Newsletters to Teams. Sending a Newsletter with the latest Stories can help keep new content at the top of mind for your employees and encourage them to visit Bambu and share.

To send a Newsletter:

  1. Click Send a Newsletter from any of the Content tabs.
  2. From the Email Settings tab:
    • Enter the names of the Teams you want to send the Newsletter to.
    • Enter a descriptive Email Subject.
    • Enter an optional Heading
    • Enter an optional Message (up to 500 characters) using the toggle
  3. From the Select Stories tab:
    • Search for the Stories you want to include and click the Stories you want to show in the newsletter.
  4. (Optional) Send yourself a preview of the Newsletter and then make any adjustments.
  5. Click Send Newsletter. The Newsletter is sent right away.


A Digest email is a delivery method enabling employees to receive the latest Stories directly in their inbox at a designated time and cadence. Admins can enable Digest emails in the General tab of the Company Settings page.

These emails can be set to send at a specific time each day, or a specific day and time each week.


The Broadcast functionality allows for on-demand delivery of a Story via email, push notification or Slack (if enabled). This is especially useful for content that’s time-sensitive or important.

To Broadcast a message, click on a current Story. In the modal that appears, click Screen_Shot_2018-05-31_at_3.41.08_PM.png and select Broadcast.


The Broadcast Story screen allows you to enter in a custom message to accompany your broadcast, as well as choose destinations for the broadcast.

To finish, click Send Broadcast

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