Curating Stories

To Curate a Story inside Bambu means to create a piece of content that your team can view or share. Admins, Managers, and Contributors can curate Stories into Bambu to be shared both internally and externally.

This article will help you learn about curating stories in Bambu.

Adding Stories

Adding a story to Bambu is simple. To get started, click the Add Story button on the left bar.


The following screen lets you choose the content type to add. Bambu currently supports these content types:

  • Link - Paste a link to any content that lives on the web.
  • Original Post - Use Bambu's rich text editor to create in internal post.
  • Photo - Upload a photo for your readers to share directly to Facebook and Twitter.


Either paste a link or click the corresponding buttons for original posts or photo attachment.

Upon pasting a link, Bambu will automatically retrieve metadata for the URL and expand the Add New Story window to allow you to customize your story.


Story URL

If you want to post a different link, you can change the Story URL at any point. Bambu will retrieve updated URL metadata anytime you change the URL.

Click Shorten Link to shorten the URL for click tracking. Bambu supports both and link shorteners.


Automatically populated URL metadata appears in the Preview section. You can cycle between available thumbnail images pulled from the URL, or upload your own.

Edit title or body metadata by clicking the existing text in this section.


Include Note

This section allows you to add an optional note to your readers. Use this to provide additional context, a short summary or encouragement for your team to share. Readers will see the note at the top of the story when they view it in Bambu.

Message Ideas

This section allows you to add suggested message text. Use this to provide examples to readers of what they could publish to their social profiles when they share the post.


Clicking the Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn icons allow to you determine if the Message Idea text will appear when users try to share to certain networks.

Additionally, click Screen_Shot_2018-05-11_at_9.59.29_AM.png to add multiple Message Ideas.

Tip: Use multiple Message Ideas to tailor potential messages for the respective networks. Brevity wins on Twitter, but you could potentially provide more information in a post on Facebook or LinkedIn!

If the story you're curating is intended to be an internal announcement, you can disable sharing for Readers by clicking Internal Story (disable sharing).


This section allows you to customize the visibility of the story for readers.

Start date and End date to control how long a story will be accessible to readers in the story stream.

Select Feature Story on top if you would like it to stay at the top of the story stream.

Apply Tags for simple internal organization and reporting.

Use Teams to determine which groups of readers will have access to this story.

Edit Content allows you to edit how the content appears when readers view it in Bambu.

Note: Editing content does not alter how the post appears if the reader clicks through the link to read the full story on the original website.


Finally, you can click Save as Draft if you want to save your changes and return at a later time, or click Add Story to publish it to the story stream.

Note: If you selected a future Start date, the Add Story button will automatically change to Schedule Story.

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