Sharing a Story

Bambu helps you find great content curated specifically for you and your team by others in your organization. You can easily read it within the Bambu website or mobile app, and then, of course, share it to your social networks!

This article will show you how simple it is to share a story in Bambu.

Sharing a Story

There's not a lot to it, but the first thing you should make sure to do is connect at least one of your social profiles to Bambu. You'll be prompted to connect one when you try to share your first story, or you can connect them via the Personal Settings page, accessible via the settings menu.

Read more about connecting social profiles to Bambu.

After your social profiles are connected, it's simple to get sharing. The central feed of stories appears as your home page in Bambu, and you can also see it at any time by clicking Stories in the left panel.

Note: Managers and Admins will see this as Current Stories in the left panel.

When you're reading a story you want to share, click the icon for the network you'd like to share it to.


You can craft your own message to accompany the link, or use a Message Idea that's been provided to you by the person who curated the story, if available.

Clicking the send button in the lower-right corner will publish the story to your social profile immediately. Alternatively, you can schedule it to publish at a later date by checking the Send later box.


Choose a date and a time to send the message, then click  Schedule.

Scheduled posts can be reviewed from the Scheduled section in the left panel.

Note: You can only share stories to one social network at a time. After sharing to one network, the story will still be open in Bambu for you to optionally share to your other networks.

Share via Email

You can also share a story via email. To do so, select Envelope_Icon.png. This action will open up the email client that you have set up on your computer. If you have not set up an email client, you might receive an error message or a prompt to set up an email client.

Refer to support documentation for your email client to set it up. You can learn more about setting up an email account with Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail for Mac by using the links below.

Read this article to learn more about adding an email account to Microsoft Outlook.

Read this article to learn more about adding an email account in Apple Mail on Mac.


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