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We recently announced that you can no longer share or schedule Stories to Facebook Personal Profiles. Starting today, you can now share Stories from Bambu directly to Facebook Personal Profiles using the Facebook Share dialog. Instead of following the share experience that is currently in place for Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook Business Pages, individuals that select Facebook Personal Profiles when sharing will open up the native Facebook share dialog box to post to their network.

Important Notes

  • Individuals will not connect Facebook Personal Profiles in Bambu. Instead, upon selecting Facebook Personal Profile in the Story modal, the Facebook Share dialog box will open and an individual will perform all publishing actions from there.
    • The dialog will share to the Facebook profile that the users browser is logged into. If they are not logged into Facebook in their browser, they will be prompted to do so.
  • Since these shares happen within Facebook, there will be no data inside Bambu’s Reports, Personal Stats or Leaderboard for Facebook Personal Profiles.
  • You cannot schedule messages to Facebook Personal Profiles.
  • The ability to share to Facebook Personal Profiles is not available inside Bambu’s mobile apps.
  • Selecting Message Ideas will copy the message to the clipboard, and an individual will paste the message when the Facebook Share Dialog box opens.


  1. From the Story modal, select Image_2018-08-09_at_2.54.56_PM.png
  2. A dropdown will appear. Select Facebook Personal Profile.
  3. Click Continue to Facebook.
  4. The Facebook Share Dialog will open to complete sharing to your Facebook Personal Profile. 

Watch the video below to learn more about sharing to a Facebook Personal Profile with the Facebook Share Dialog.

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