Facebook Personal Profiles Publishing Workflow

Due to limitations in Facebook's API, publishing to Facebook personal profiles from Bambu requires the workflow listed below. You will be able to bypass this workflow and publish directly to Facebook from Bambu, if you convert your personal profile to a Facebook Business Page.

Learn more about converting your profile to a Facebook Page. 

Note: This change does not affect the ability to publish Stories to Facebook Business Pages.

To publish from Bambu to a Facebook personal profile:

  1. Select the story that you want to share from Stories to Share.
  2. Select Facebook.
  3. If any Message Ideas populate in the Share Story modal you can click Copy to Clipboard.
  4. Select Continue to Facebook.
  5. The Share on Facebook modal will appear. If you copied a message idea, paste your text here. If not, type any text you want added to your post and select News Feed or Your Story.
  6. Select Post to Facebook and you're done!


If you need help connecting your Facebook profile to Bambu, read the Connecting Social Profiles article.


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